who we are

Michael F.

Art Director

Hard work, customer service.

30 years of working for the top companies across Southern California with proven positive results

Ruben L.

Web Analytical

Web analysis/marketing specialist on commercial retail products and as well as consumer/future marketing trends.

Andrew W.


Marketing Specialist

Asian marketing professional fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese and Shanghai.

Margie L.

Latin America

Latin America marketing professional and fluent in Spanish/Portuguese and South American languages.

Rick W.


Entertainment/tradeshow specialist. Plan your next event with Rick and make the event something special.

Andrew H.


To protect those

that he serve.

The team...

Our team has been able to help successfully build clients ranging from a simple request of "I need help for my business!" to companies that are in Forbes magazine. The team consists of dedicated professionals that encompass my work methods of customer satisfaction and all delivered within their budget.


Theres a saying of "No jobs too small"

but I rather think of it as "No job too big".

how we can help you


Created over 35 years ago, our company has proven designs that work in todays competitive world. From small businesses to large corporations, we will dedicate our time and resources to serve your business growth from present to the future.

Michael Fujitani Graphics

Creative ideas from a creative mind.

Professional Retouching

From damaged photos to creating visual concepts of before and after, we are able to create artwork that has been used for personal or business use.

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International Translations

Have clients in China? Portuguese? Spanish? We have the tools to create/convert any project to deliver to
your clients worldwide

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With over 35 years of experience,
our proven designs have been used by EPSON, Walmart, KIA, Hyundai, Toshiba,
Farmers Insurance, Mecum, Cigna

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From small businesses to large corporations, we have established a strong relationship
with those that have joined our family. Will you be next?

this is where it all starts.

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